Rehabilitation Services

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Serving patients in the Brown County area, Horton Community Hospital has an active Rehabilitation Services department that includes three strong programs:  Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

Physical Therapy

The PT staff works with hospital, post acute care (swing bed), nursing home, and outpatients.  Patients are referred from local doctors and surrounding areas.

Patients treated include those who have had:

  • strokes
  • joint replacements
  • strains
  • sprains
  • myofascial and trigger point involvements
  • shoulder repairs
  • knee surgeries
  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis
  • and many others

Emphasis is put on instruction in posture, mechanics related to their jobs, trigger point work, and home programs for self-management and preventive measures.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are trained to help people of all ages become as functionally independent and productive as possible utilizing therapy treatment techniques. Occupational Therapy can help to ensure a fuller, more productive, and independent lifestyle.

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

  • people who have had a stroke or heart attack
  • people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis or other serious illnesses
  • people with work related injuries
  • children with birth injuries, learning problems or developmental disabilities
  • people with mental health problems
  • people with substance abuse problems and eating disorders
  • people with burns, spinal cord injuries, or amputations
  • people with broken bones or other injuries from sports, falls or accidents
Our occupational therapists work with hospital, skilled swing bed, geriatric-psychiatric, nursing home, home health, outpatients, and the community.

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Therapy is the application of principles and methods for measurement, testing, screening, evaulation, identification, prediction and counseling related to the development and disorders of speech, voice, language or swallowing.

The Role of the Speech Therapist
"Think of ST when it is..."
  • Difficult to swallow or manage foods during a meal
  • Difficult to speak clearly or express needs
  • Difficult to understand directions or commands
  • Difficult to recall names, places, events
  • Difficult to complete sequencing or problem solving
  • Difficult to maintain breath support or volume of voice
"But ST can also help..."
  • Create communication boards or tools
  • Teach people to compensate for hearing loss
  • Increase communication by writing or reading
  • Increase alertness and orientation
  • Increase short-and-long-term memory
  • Make safe diet and swallow recommendations

Speech Therapy Treatment Interventions:
  • Treatment for aphasia and/or language disorder
  • Treatment for apraxia of speech
  • Treatment for dysarthria and/or articulation disorders
  • Treatment for Dysphagia
  • Treatment for Cognitive/Linguistic Disorders
  • Treatment for voice disorders
  • Treatment for hearing impairments

Respiratory Therapy

The goal of the Respiratory Therapy Department is to provide life supporting life enhancing service to our clients, to extend the quality and quantity of their lives. This is accomplished by working with the physician, the client and the family in a friendly, professional manner.  We provide a full range of respiratory, modalities and work with all age groups. Some of the modalities and diagnostic procedures provided are:

  • Therapeutic Modalities including Nebulizer treatments, IPPB, MDI, Aerosol Treatments, Postural Drainage and Percussion, Suctioning, High Humidity Therapy, O2 Therapy, Breathing Retraining and Croup Tents.
  • Diagnostic Testing including PFT, ABG's Pulse Oximetry, EKG, and Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Patient Education including Asthma, Hypoxia, COPD and other lung disorders.
  • A full range of Pediatric Services.
  • Tracheaostomy Care including Acute, Long Term and Education for the Home Environment of adults as well as pediatrics.
Pulmonologist on-site monthly in our Specialty Clinic.

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