Cardiac Rehab

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Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive education and exercise program designed for patients with specific heart conditions. The program requires a physician’s order with a documented diagnosis of one of the following: heart or heart/lung transplant, stable angina, post open heart surgery, heart valve repair/replacement, post heart attack or MI, PTCA and/or coronary stenting. The exercise and education program is customized to each individual patient, based on the patient’s physical fitness needs.

Components of Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program include: Patient Assessment, Exercise TrainingEducation/Counseling regarding physical activity, nutritional counseling, lipid management, blood pressure management, weight management, diabetes management, psychosocial management, and facilitating a life-long commitment to exercise and other lifestyle changes

Expected Outcomes of Cardiac Rehabilitation

·         Reduced symptoms (angina, dyspnea, fatigue)

·         Increased exercise performance

·         Increased knowledge about cardiac disease and its management

·         Enhanced ability to perform activities of daily living

·         Improved health-related quality of life

·         Improved psychosocial symptoms (reversal of anxiety and depression)

·         Reduced hospitalizations and use of medical resources

·         Return to work or leisure activities

Cardiovascular Services at Horton Community Hospital offer Phase II and III Cardiac Rehabilitation, treadmill and pharmacological stress testing, nuclear medicine services, holter monitoring, event recorder set-up, echocardiograms, EKG’s, and vascular ultrasound studies.


Cardiac Rehab

Horton Community Hospital
Cardiac Rehab

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